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  1. Cracker hecho por D4NB4R

  2. MySQL brute force password attack

  3. Darkc0de Password Generator

  4. Dark Dork Searcher

  5. Show all Tables v0.1

  6. Locate Mouse (X,Y)

  7. Click Timer

  8. simple Keylogger

  9. Turns monitor off then back on..

  10. Synner is a custom eth->ip->tcp packet generator (spoofer) for testing firewalls and dos attacks.

  11. MySQL Dumper

  12. Flashes the leds of the keyboard

  13. Advertise Here

  14. How add your application to startup!

  15. How to clone your application into the Windows folder!

  16. Mouse Prank

  17. Creates user defined wordlist.

  18. This is a simple piece of code for GNU/Linux that masquerades a process.

  19. A simple tool to make DoS against bluetooth devices.

  20. A simple tool that allows you to dump all the physical memory (RAM)

  21. FindJMP by spanish-hackers.com

  22. character-set based brute-forcing algorithm

  23. httprecon is an advanced web server fingerprinting tool that makes use of nine test cases when mapping the target service.

  24. pgmfuzz v1.0 - a fuzzing tool for Pragmatic General Multicast options

  25. SQLExec

  26. SQL Crawler

  27. Scans IP using 16 decoy address to hide own IP and to confuse logfiles.

  28. XHide - Process Faker

  29. HideProcess

  30. Simple connect-back back door for Unix

  31. MSN Live Explorer

  32. Anti-WPE Pro

  33. Web Sniff v1.0 for Linux

  34. Pop3d brute

  35. Will/should print out SHADOWPW passwd files

  36. A shell that provides access to NFS file systems

  37. UDP scanner

  38. qpopper/SCO POP scanner.

  39. Queso-Scanner v 0.5

  40. Probe tcp ports

  41. Web proxy port scanner beta v1.1

  42. Half open port scanner. Send SYNs, and look for a SYN-ACK

  43. Network Promiscuous Ethernet Detector

  44. Quick portscanner

  45. Listen scanner

  46. Jackal - Stealth/FireWall scanner.

  47. TCP scanner has the additional functionality of retrieving the username

  48. Way to find out version of remote httpd server

  49. FTP Scan (C)

  50. UDP Scanner (with protocol probes)

  51. Finds up to 255 hosts on a specified domain

  52. Domain Scanner

  53. RS Premium Cookie Stealer

  54. Change the ELF identification field

  55. Sends pings and reads reply

  56. Calculates the MD2 hash

  57. Steve IRCL (IRC Listener)

  58. Get processor's name

  59. DLL injection example

  60. encode/decode data to/from base64

  61. Solitaire Cipher algorithm

  62. An implementation of the RC4 stream cipher

  63. Applies the traditional ROT-13 cypher to a string

  64. Simple port scanner

  65. ASCII hexadecimal string to binary string

  66. FTP dictionary attack

  67. Freeciv server DoS

  68. Aim hash dump script

  69. Port Scanner

  70. Random Password Generator

  71. Adding to Startup

  72. A-RAT in C

  73. Add fake process

  74. IRC VHostBot

  75. Get Idle Time

  76. MSN Fuzzer

  77. Instant Messenger Spammer

  78. File sifter

  79. CGI scanner v1.34

  80. LinSniff2K5 - based on LinSniff666

  81. Bot killer

  82. MSN CAPTURE will capture packets of msn protocol

  83. ICQDecrypt

  84. Debugging IRC bot

  85. AMD (amd V1) Automountd tiny Scanner

  86. Cgi Security Scanner

  87. ssh banner scanner

  88. Linux loadable kernel module backdoor

  89. Sniffit Packet Discription File

  90. Ethernet sniffer

  91. CD tray open/close

  92. Unix port of m$ sql ping tool

  93. FTP BruteForce

  94. Multi-Language Yahoo Spreader

  95. UDP flooder that doesnt need root

  96. MD5 hash function

  97. vncrack for windows (vnx4)

  98. MySQL Bruteforce

  99. MySQL brute-force password cracker for hashed passwords

  100. httpd HEAD scanner

  101. Decrypts cisco "encrypted" passwords

  102. Another utility to use for shellcode creation.

  103. Linux scanner for messenger service vuln.

  104. Finds crypto keys, encrypted data and compressed data in files

  105. Backdoor just binds a shell

  106. Bindshell with password.


  108. DNS RPC scanner

  109. MSN Messenger v7.5 Password Decrypter

  110. SSH scanner / type and version

  111. Decrypts Win 95 share password

  112. get ftpd banner

  113. RealVNC scanner

  114. Attack port 1025 for MS 2k

  115. An Active Directory bruteforcer

  116. Reverse Shell

  117. win32 self deleting executable

  118. POC steam logger

  119. WhiteCat logcleaner

  120. port mutilator, DoS attack tool

  121. Connect Back shellcode

  122. Universal trojan ( login / imapd / qpopd )

  123. Memory Dumper

  124. MSN Freezer C source

  125. XTEA Implementation

  126. Simple pipe driven utility for creating c-style char decs from binary input

  127. syn scanning

  128. This datapipe will redirect localhost connections to another server

  129. Simple raw socket sniffer

  130. Shutdown Script

  131. Simple remote shell in C

  132. Cold Fusion vuln. scanner

  133. A HTTP referer spoofer

  134. Make the system think that a command was entered on another user's terminal

  135. Server side shell in C (accepting many connections)

  136. Try to steal handles from a sun-4 NFS file server

  137. xdm cookies fast brute force

  138. Simple Brute Force

  139. Cleans WTMP, UTMP and lastlog for linux

  140. C++ HTTP GET Request generator

  141. Advertise Here

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